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1000psi.....Groovy and hypnotic, deeper darker experimental electronic, chillout and lounge music. 1000psi is a one man band and was originally formed as a heavy metal project in 1997, even though the music played was strickly metal I was searching out and listening to music of many different genre's from all over the world looking for cool new ideas musically. In 2001 I heard chillout music for the first time and it changed my whole musical direction. Chillout is everything I love all rolled up into one. Electronic, ambient, jazz, blues, rock and world music. I still like to play metal occasionally, but, this is what my soul sings.

1000psi album review: Hypnotic drums and smooth synth propels us into the belly of “Sexy Party”, the opening track of 1000psi’s self-titled debut release. The generous 13-song compilation has more than a few outstanding musical highlights; nothing more fun than “Mini Bossa Nova”, a unique techno number somewhere in the dual world of trippy club and ambient. For good measure, we also liked “Fly By”, a track boasting infectious drums and utterly slick and intoxicating keyboard work.

In Cerro Gordo, Illinois, a gentleman by the name of Paul Garlits. His invention is the creation of new sound….the sound that travels through light years – through the heavens – unable to reach earth. For instance, listen to “Background”. I think of a ride in Universal Studios or a Planetarium or a mystical video game. The most amazing sounds I’ve ever heard. It gives you the feeling of floating in space with no awareness of anything that surrounds you. Understandably, Paul reacts to his own music because it brings out a very raw and intense feeling. Being unable to describe this feeling of euphoria, his emotions run wild. Every penny Paul spent on electronic equipment and the many hours of intense writing, recording and basically creating, was worth every dime and every moment he dedicated to his music. His second CD, “Heavy Water” should be ready for release any moment. Every human being should have his music on iTunes or a CD in their home. NOTICE TO ALL MOVIE STUDIOS, GAME DEVELOPERS AND THEME PARK DEVELOPERS Paul Garlits creates the emotion and excitement you want your audience to experience when they watch your movie, play your game or visit your theme park. Paul is an extremely talented musician who wants to share his musical creations with the world.

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