Indie, Rock, Pop
From: Manchester, United Kingdom

Band Members

  • Lee - Bass Guitar
  • Ady - Drums
  • Rob - Vocals/Acoustic Guitar
  • Stu - Lead Guitar

About Band

50LeavesThe Story so far:- Origins: Northside / Southside Manchester - (UK) - 2008

We are 50Leaves. 4 Gringos from the North & Southside of Manchester. Formed in the Summer of 07. The band met via mutual friends - a few phone calls were made and 50Leaves were born. We quickly got together at a rehearsal room in the centre of Manchester and started to jam. Stemming from ex bands like Medalark 11 (ex creation records wannabees)  & Manchester band Kushy the lads soon realised they had something special in the making! The tunes soon began to flow and we were soon headlining local venues and laying down some demos at Rick's (BTB's) studio in Prestwich. It wasn't long before people started to notice and we got our first radio airplay on the Clint Boon Show (ex Inspiral Carpets hero) XFM Manchester on the 6th of March 2008 and got a massive response from the public and Clint himself for the highly acclaimed demo single 'Wide Open' - currently being re-recorded for the 4 song ep. Rest assured 50Leaves will be bringing the people the music they deserve in 2009 and beyond and will be playing a venue near you soon. .. That's about it for now ,but don't forget to keep up to date with all thats going on at www.50leaves.co.uk , www.xfmuploaded.co.uk/50leaves , www.myspace.com/50leaves and keep up the support you have been giving us..Respect

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Website: www.xfmuploaded.co.uk/50leaves
Website: www.myspace.com/50leaves
Website: www.garageband.com/50leaves
Website: www.50leaves.co.uk

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