R&B, Hip-Hop, Latin
From: Boston, MA, United States

Band Members

  • JazeL - Lead Singer
  • Geliz - Rapper/Singer
  • Rey-D - Rapper/Singer

About Band




                   “Our destiny and love for music united us, it’s just meant to be”                  




When a group receives the same love and attention as a major artist would receive in their own town, there has to be a good reason why. The songs, the looks, the sound, the creativity, everything is perfect. All of these things tie up to what is now Alofoque. With these advantages, Alofoque will definitely be a big hit in the Reggaeton market. Their reggaeton style is mixed with a variation of genres like Hip-Hop, R&B, Merengue, Bachata, Salsa etc…

The group consists of three members; twenty one year old Rey-D, born Rafael Reyes, 18 year old Jazel, born Gary Calderon, and 21 year old Geliz, born Argeliz Pepin. Alofoque has been able to have a list of profile views of over 20,000 people and more than 40,000 downloads and song plays of their music just on “Our destiny and our love for music united us, it’s just meant to be”, they say.

Alofoque embarked on their professional career through appearances on many prestigious shows and events. The Latin Awards 2005 in Manhattan, New York was one of the important events that Alofoque just had to participate in. Alofoque was honored to perform along side of Judiny, Son De Cali, Cruzmonty, and reggaeton sensation Zion & Lennox, including many other successful artists. The event was promoted by different type of media such as Telefutura, SuperCanal Caribe, La Kalle Radio stations in Chicago , and Univision which Alofoque appeared on each and every one of them. Alofoque has performed in 10 different states in the past year, and they have performed along side artists like merengue group Oro Solido, Tulile, Julian Oro Duro, The Boss music group, Omega y su Mambo Violento, reggaeton artists like LDA, Temperamento, Arcangel & De La Ghetto, Plan B, Lito y Polaco, Tito El Bambino, and as mentioned earlier Zion & Lennox. They have also interviewed in numerous amounts of TV and Radio stations around the country as independent artists. “Alofoque is defiantly the missing piece in today’s reggaeton market, as said by” The Latin Post New York, NY. They are determined to become big reggaeton stars. They are a hard working group who focuses 120% on their music. Alofoque had their eyes set on the future for a along time, and now they are ready.




(Geliz - Rapper, Writer, Composer)Geliz born Argeliz Pepin was raised in Boston MA . At the age of 13 he started rapping but differently from other rappers, he was able to put both English and Spanish together in a way no other in Boston has heard of. “As a child I lived in the hood were hip hop influenced almost everyone and I grew up basically watching people free styling and battling in groups and I thank those people now for influencing what I have become, a rapper”-Geliz






(Jazel - Lead Singer, Writer, Composer, Producer) Jazel born Gary Calderon was raised in Boston MA . At the age of 8 he learned how to sing and play the piano just by listening to the vocals and keys of his favorite songs. By the age of 10 he was known as the most talented in his class. Now at the age of 18 he hits high notes like no other and is even greater at playing the piano. “The moment I heard the song yesterday by the Boys II Men I soon began singing and learning how to play the piano that was one of my inspirations to sing. I was only 8 years old”- Jazel


 (Rey-D - Singer, Rapper, Writer, Producer) Rey- D born Rafael Reyes was raised in . At the age of 14 he began freestyle rapping in the schools Courtyard. That led him to begin writing songs and actually learning how to produce his own music. Now he switches his rapping into singing instantly. “Being born in the Dominican Republic listening to Merengue and Bachata I loved the music and then I started getting into El General and Babyrata y Gringo and that just made me want to be like them and just be able to put those words together.” -Rey-D



Press, Television & Radio:


Ø      Hasta ABajo TV Boston , Ma. ‘05


Ø      Telemundo TV, Boston , Ma. ‘05


Ø      105.9 La Calle 92.7 Radio, New York . ‘05


Ø      Super Canal Caribe TV, New York . ‘05


Ø      TeleFutura TV, New York . ‘05


Ø      El Show de Fernandito Hideaway, Boston Ma. ‘05


Ø      La Prensa Ohio & Michigan ’s Latino News Paper. ‘05


Ø      The Latin Post, New York ‘05


Ø       Indies Street Magazine, Florida ‘06


Ø       Boston Underground Magazine ‘06


Ø       WJAM 945 Boston ‘06


Ø       Boston De Noche TV ‘04






List of States and countries where ALoFoQuE has performed:


State:              Venue:                     Attendance:


Boston , Ma –              Club Tabu 2006.                        About 600 people


New York –                The Latin Awards 2005.              About 900 people


Chicago –                    Xaviers Night Club 2005.         About 800 people


Florida –                      Florida State College 2005.      About 10,000 people


Connecticut –              Van Dome Night Club 2004.    About 4,000 people


New Jersey –               Club Tru 2004.                         About 10,000 people


Rhode Island –            Latin Festival 2004.                  About 15,000 people


Pennsylvania – Puerto Rican Festival 2004.      About 17,000 people


Ohio –                          Latin Festival 2005.                  (Opened for Oro Solido) 15,000


Tennessee –                 Ibiza Night Club 2005.             About 5,000 people





Performed in various places.


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