Amber King

Amber King

Amber King

Rock, Pop, Power pop
From: Marion, AR, United States

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Hola. Yo me llamo Amber. I am a liberal, sarcastic libra who loves to eat. I love my friends and will anything for them depending on the friend. I hate stupid people or people who act stupid for attention. I also hate make-up because it bothers me. Yeah I'm a sorry excuse for a chick but whatever. I love meeting new people and talking about music. Music=life. I love rock music I can tolerate rap but most of the time it gives me a headache. Some amazing bands that I listen to is the Misfits, Bouncing Souls, Black Flack, Metallica, Black Sabbath, the Ramones, IRON MAIDEN, Garbage, Nirvana, Silverchair, The Distillers, My Chemical Romance and others but I don't feel like naming right now. I love to read all kinda of books especially gothic novels and I love Harry Potter. I prefer to read the Harry Potter than watch the movies, yes I am a nerd and very proud. I don't watch tv that much but when I do I watch Fuse and South Park and House. I love writing songs and playing my guitar and skateboarding. I am not that great at skateboarding but it's still fun! If ya wanna know more then leave me a comment or message me or something.


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