Angel Blue and the Prophets Band

Angel Blue and the Prophets Band

Angel Blue and the Prophets Band

Blues, R&B, Rock
From: Pittsburgh, PA, United States

About Band

Angel Blue and the Prophets have had the honor of opening up for such legends as, Dick Dale and James Cotton, in addition to newer blues rock touring acts such as the great Indigenous Band, to name a few!

This band is all about the blues, its all its amazing soulful and driving ranges from:
Electric, Chicago, Texas Swing, Boogie, Rock & R&B and every funky groove inbetween.

These top notch musicians from the burgh pay tribute  to the early roots of music from Eric Johnson and BB King to Stevie Ray Vaughn, Jimi Hendrix, Aretha Franklin and Janis Joplin and more.
Learning and listening to the greats in music history has given them a sound all their own!
Their CD is a fun mix of music and should be added to anyone's rock-blues collection, but you must see a live show to see what the fans are talking about, and why the local radio station WDVE has mentioned ANGEL BLUE'S vocals as some of the most powerful vocals ever heard, and Lead guitarist MOJO MIKE is mentioned as one of the hottest Stevie-Ray style guitarists in the burgh!

Angel Blue
In the words of Angel  Blue...
Music is a part of me and always will be. I remember picking up a hairbrush at 4 years old and climbing onto my grandparents coffee table during a Sunday dinner singing at the top of my lungs. I was a shy kid but when I heard music it went thru me and I was someone else.

I don't remember a time when music wasn't playing in my home. My mom was a collector of old 50's records and early rhythm and blues artists. She'd play  them as we were getting ready for school until we were getting ready for bed.  Matter of fact, the night before my mom passed away she called me and said, 'What  would you do if I died?" of course I was speechless to hear that question. Then one of the many things she said was, "If I died tomorrow I just want you to know you could sing before you could talk." she passed away  the next day and i never forgot what she said. Since then, music was always a way to purge my soul.

I have enjoyed this musical journey  and the ongoing discovery of developing and learning. No matter how far away  I go I realize that being yourself is where its at.
  Mojo Mike

Mike discovered his MOJO at the tender age of 8 years old when a Series 10 copy of a Stratocaster caught his eye at a local flea market. "You could say it was love at first site." says Mike. His aunt bought that guitar and ever since the guitar has been an influential part of his life
together with great musicians such as: Stevie Ray Vaughn, BB King, Albert Collins and Buddy Guy, just to name a few.

Already at 24 years old, Mike has opened up for some of the great legends he has been influenced by such as: Johnny Winters and Charlie Musselwhite.

Mike was the the driving force behind his popular Pittsburgh band Broken Mojo. With a sudden death of one the band band members, Mike and the Prophets almost seemed destined to meet when the Prophets lead guitarist had to move out of town. Their paths crossed perfectly! So you could say there are two driving forces headlining on the stage!  Angels blue's vocals + Mikes mojo guitar = ELECTRIC!!!

  Scott McLean

Scott McLean is from a family talented musicians from the Latrobe Pennsylvania area. He is drummer, composer, producer and a recording musician. Scott has many well known musical friends in the music business. Scott has recorded and/or performed with several national artists over the years.

Drums are Scott's main instrument. However, The music on Scott's solo album features Scott on many instruments along with a few special guests. Scott also co produced and wrote music for the Angel Blue and the Prophets debut CD.


Guapo was congealed in a dumpster back in 1988. We found him there, in full apparel, with a bass strapped over his shoulders. Years of hearing the bands play at the bar of which his birthplace belonged, he learned the structure and melodies of their songs. Music was all he knew.

We taught him proper edicate and the backup vocals to our songs. He still doesn't know what the words mean.

Before we adopted him, he was a regular for Chuck Becker's band "Becker's Brew" where he got the majority of his public exposure and experience. When he plays, he absorbs the music into his being and becomes more diverse and eclectic with every musician he encounters.

Guapo adds a solid groove to the band as well as being a hell of a good lookin' dumpster spawn. (But he doesn't smell)



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