Reggae, Hip-Hop, Ska
From: Virginia Beach, VA, United States

Band Members

  • Tony Nucklez - Hip-Hop/Rap
  • King Louie - Reggae/Dancehall/Roots/Riddim

About Band

One part reggae & one part hip-hop = Bukwi (pronounced "buck*why"). The true essence of positivity, Bukwi stands alone in the reggae & hip-hop genre. Especially in Virginia. With styles all their own, Bukwi sit on their own thrones respectively. Bukwi consists of two members: King Louie, who brings the positive roots-reggae vibe & Tony Nucklez who delivers a ferocious, yet positive twist of hip-hop. They met years ago when Nucklez was doing as he would like to call it, "typical hip-hop." You know, the usual suspects: negativity, rims, cars, girls, money, drugs, etc. King Louie at that time wasn't an artist at all, yet he was impressed with Nucklez's strong delivery in music. It wasn't until years later that King Louie decided to persue a music career as an artist. His true love was always reggae, whether it be roots or dancehall. A few personal demons in Nucklez's life made him stop and re-evaluate his life. His decision was to walk on the "right" path in the light. "I remember Tony was going through some really rough times and so was I, so it was almost meant to be that we decided to live more positive lives," says King Louie. One day they talked and decided to do a fusion of reggae & positive hip-hop together. Little did they know that this "fusion" would be the first in Hampton Roads, Virginia - and their positive, uplifting melodic tunes would spread like wildfire among Hampton Roads. Within a month of recording their first songs, Bukwi had already been contacted and booked to perform at various venues during the Summer of 2007. Among those venues were The NorVa, Scotty Quixx, DJ Blendz's (103Jamz deejay) Roc the Mic Night, The Virginia Caribbean Festival, and other spots. Their music caught onto the ears of many people & at their 4th week interval, they received over 3,000 hits to their page. To show their true versatility amongst their fans, Bukwi has performed infront of different crowds, different races, and different backgrounds. "At our shows, we see all types of people. From rockers, to punk rockers, to R&B-folk, to rappers, to gangsters, to police, teachers, doctors, businessmen... man all types of people love our music. I think their attracted to our music because its something new, something different. Its a fusion of positive hip-hop with beautiful, melodic reggae, and it's never been done before around here, so people love it. Their isn't a subject left untouched in our songs." says Tony Nucklez. Among their untitled, yet to be released 1st album, Bukwi touch on all subjects from A.I.D.S., to cancer, to poverty, to teenage pregnancies, abandoned mothers, drug addicts, gangsters, stress, anxiety, and much more. "What I like most about our music besides the fact that so many different types of people are attracted to it, is that ... in every song their is a meaning... there is a lesson to be learned. If you JUST listen, you'll learn something. Between me and Nucklez, we've done it all in life, been through it all in life, and seen it all. We're only hear to tell you these lessons by the grace of God." Nucklez's background is quite intense; having been raised in the inner-cities of Miami, Florida, he was subjected to things a young kid shouldn't have been subjected to. From murder to drug-dealing, Nucklez has seen it all. Always having trouble at school and at home, he was constantly fighting for his life, hence the name "Nucklez." Born from country music songwriters, Nucklez knew most of the in's and out's of the music industry and stepped into the rap game some years ago. Going along with everyone else, Nucklez had recorded a plethora of gangster rap albums and mixtapes, which garnered him heavy attention in Miami. That same attention brought him more exposure to the independent-scene in Hampton Roads, where he gained a lot of respect and notoriety. King Louie's background is accented with the same usual suspects. Born in the Bronx, NY., King Louie was raised mostly in Chesapeake, VA. Always having dreams of being a musician, King Louie took an early liking to reggae music through his father's love for the great legend, Bob Marley. Ever since then, it was reggae all-day as he would tell you. In private, he would learn different singing techniques by singing along to artists from Bob Marley to Buju Banton. After becoming good friends with Matisyahu's drummer, King Louie was backstage at Matisyahu's show in Baltimore D.C. in March 2006. It was during this chance encounter that he decided he simply HAD to break in and become an artist. Both artists bring such melodic peacefulness to their music, its hard NOT to listen. Fusing both genres at times has been hard, but they both live by their formula. They speak positivity in a most negative world. They help bring those to the "light" even when they are surrounded by total darkness. Their music speaks volumes, and they truly are the #1 unisgned artists in Hampton Roads, VA. One can only expect straight "fiyah" from them and nothing else. As King Louie would say, "Blessed be His name. All thanks to God." For more info, check out: www.MySpace.com/OFFICIALBUKWIMUSIC

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