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Clayton Moore

Clayton Moore

Country, Latin, Pop
From: Windsor, ON, Canada

About Artist

I have been in the music business, fulltime all my life.  I started out as a drummer in a band with my Dad in the fifties.  I got my early experience with a world class fiddler named Johnny Morring in my home town Springhill, Nova Scotia.  The band played country swing, some old jazz and popular tunes from that time.  We did dance jobs but also did local radio shows and county fairs.  I was fortunate enough to record on two albums with Johnny.  I took up the piano and backed Johnny at the Shelburne world fiddling contest.


In 1959 I moved to Halifax and played drums again in a rock band and joined a jazz club to further expand my music experience.  Man I am getting old.  After a year, I moved back to Springhill and joined a band in nearby Amherst called The Viscounts  We had a great time playing 50's and 60's cover tunes in dance halls, arenas and back then you could pop into radio stations set up & play.  We did ok but wanted to play music for a living.  In 1966 the whole band moved to Windsor Ontario.  The band became very popular because being from Nova Scotia we talked funny and people here thought we were from England.  The band got picked up by a Detroit bar owner who became our manager and got us a recording contract with the Avco Embassy label and R.C. A. Canada.  Now our band name was Windsor Tunnel.  We played in Michigan bars but soon got booked at concerts.  We played at universities in Michigan, Tiger Stadium in 1970, the CNE in Toronto and were featured several times on the famous CKLW TVRobin Seymore Show later George Young Show and other TV stations in Detroit.  This is getting to be a book so if you would like to know more e-mail me.  I love to tell the story.


More recent activity


I play almost every day in service clubs with my son Clayton Jr. and guest singers & musicians.   I have nothing but fun now and try to help other artists to develop their skills and sing & play for an audience.   In 2007 a Canadian Senior Idol Search was created by the people from Chartwell.  This is a national talent show.  Winners are invited to perform in the finals held in Toronto.  A talent show is held in several cities all across Canada. It was a great privilege for me to help organize this event for the Windsor area. This has become an annual event.  I am still active with helping find new talented seniors.  For more information about this contest see our website.


In 2009, I am proud to say, I received a Music Excellence award.  My award was mainly for community service with seniors, artists & fans.  I am proud to be included in the Essex County Musicians Hall Of Fame.  There is a beautiful display in Windsor's Devonshire Mall.      


From our website we offer free music, photos & video downloads.   I would love to turn more people on to the artists and music available at the Unsigned web site.  I may be able to help promote you.  My following is an older crowd but love good music.  Please check out the photo gallery to see some of my guest artists. 


The songs listed are from the 1970 Windsor Tunnel album.  Newer songs will be available soon.   




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