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From: limerick, Ireland

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HI I'm Adam, I'm 17 and i live in Limerick (Ireland) I produce and remix music I do a bit of djin here and there i produce any kind of music it all depends on my mood really. At the moment I'm looking for a label to sign me or find some way of getting noticed and sell my music.....I am also trying to start up my own label Underground Productions but that does'nt seem to be getting anywhere without the money needed...I started producing music roughly 3yrs ago after i met a guy who was doing it and he gave me the programmes etc..... Alot of things inspire my music but its mostly my mood and how my day went....If I have a bad day and i am in a mood that is when i'll rap but other than that i usually make dance, hardcore, jumpstyle and some melow music.... In my past when i started music it was hard but got really easy because then it was just a hobbie for mr but i took a little break and now that i'v come back and i am trying to make a living from it its become really hard to please with my music especially now that there are so many other new artists out there.....hopefully i will be able to get things up and running soon....if anyone thinks they can help me than leave me a comment and i'll get back to you and we can have a chat......thats about it songs will be up shortly...let me know what you think of them....there will be links up too for anyone who wants to download them.....its free by the thats it....thanks for coming onto my page.....hope you liked it......

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