Elliot Is Getting Fatter

Elliot Is Getting Fatter

Elliot Is Getting Fatter

Power pop, Acoustic, Rock
From: Repentigny, QC, Canada

Band Members

  • Chris Kelly - Guit/Vocal
  • Simon Royer - Drumm
  • Jordan Simon - Guit/Back
  • Mathieu Tremblay - Bass

About Band


The story : From anything to anyone...

From the eyes of Chris:

Elliot is getting fatter or Elliot (for short)wich I prefer to say , started in september 2006 , in the little city of Repentigny , the last place I thought I would find myself.I had never layed a foot there before that day.I've been living in montreal all my life , traveling around here and there , I was born in toronto in 1985 , Im 21 years old , the oldest in the band but probably the most immature.The reason I discovered repentigny wich I didnt know existed , was my plan to finish high school , Centre de formation Artiste de la Croisée.
So this shcool is for kids like me who have a passion for music but are also interested in finishing there high shcool so they can put that chapter of there life behind.So I found myself surrounded by musiciens , a dream come true I must say with no intentions of grandeur, this was the start of something incredible.Im sure you have guessed it.I met them there , Jord,Math and Simon.Kids just like me who had this crazy or like some would say stupid idea of playing music for a living.Tho we had different backgrounds and different influences we all love one thing and that was playing music , there is just something incredible about us when we get on stage.I hope I'l see you there one day.

Jord's Story

200 miles away from home , Jord took his chance of living far away from home so he could play music.A crazy thing to do at the age of 17 , born in St-Martine Beach like he likes calling it , a nice little town with no beach by the way.He packed is bags and went off to live in Repentigny, he rented a room in a crazy old house that belonged to a crazy old woman , tho she was nice she had these weird pictures of her on the wall.At shcool Jord played in a hardcore band , wich he has alot of influence from.The name of the band Elliot is getting fatter , wich he takes pride in coming up with , was missing a singer , the bassist wich was Math and the drummer was a good friend of Jord's.He had come to me after seeing me sing My Immortal of Evanescence, wich he later told me he had ask himself if I was gay.When I reasured him that I wasent he asked me to come sing for the band and I accepted , from there things just got better and better.

From the eyes of Math:

i have a confession to make I coudnt live my life working in a fast food restaurant.I have nothing against those who do, I respect them even more because they do.For me it was just something that I had to do to realize that what I wanted to do was music, music , music and music.I think you get the idea.I been playing for 3 years and unlike the common instrument I play the bass , wich is much cooler.I've been influenced by Ska because the bass in most of the songs if not all of them is the lead melodie.Dont get me wong I have nothing against guitars leading , it just feels good to see the bass at its best.Oh and I dont know if I should mention it but Jord wich plays guitar ofcouse didnt want a bassist in the band , INSULTING!!
Lets just say I made him change his mind , no hard feelings.I had been going to shcool for about a year before I met Jord,Simon and Chris , lets just say they were the highlight of my time there before I finished and got my diplomat.No worry's even if Im not going to shcool with them anymore dosent mean Im out of the band , the band started there but is now flying with its own wings, Im 19 years old I got nothing to loose , I feel like Cloud in Final Fantasy VII when he must face Sephiroth face to face after watching him burn down the village he had ground up in......Oh nevermind.

The one and only Simon:

"Hey,has anyone seen Simon?"..."Can't say I have..." Got dammit where is that Kid!

Well Simon came to shcool in late october , when Elliot was a full band , for personal reasons our old drummer decided to leave.We had already develop a friendship with simon and had seen how good he was with two sticks in his hands , I must say to this day I haven't seen a drummer like him.Influenced alot by Blink 182 , he got his first drumset at the age of 2 and starting drumming when he was about 5 and like the rest of us loved playing music.
We asked him if he wanted to drum for us at shcool and from there we just become one.


Take 4 passionate people who share the same goals and you get Elliot , wich is in my mind the person that is created when we 4 come together to create and play music. We are still young and have still alot to learn , there for Elliot is getting fatter.

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