Kamaria Sauda

Kamaria Sauda

Kamaria Sauda

Soul, Jazz, R&B
From: Philadelphia, PA, United States

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Kamaria Sauda's Sequences in Life offers a fresh, original mix of jazz, blues and folk while delving into the roller coaster ride of relationships. This Florida native has been singing as long as she could talk. Growing up with a strict, religious upbringing, Kamaria honed her skills as a youth singing in church. Her secular influences varied from Nina Simone and Sarah Vaughn to Etta James and Regina Belle, as she began to study voice and joined a singing group after graduating from high school. The power reflected in Kamarias voice was refined while studying with renowned voice coaches, the late Isaiah Lurry and the late Donald Chestnut and with vocal instructors, Dr. Marymal L. Holmes and Dr. Ellen Williams. Her undergraduate studies included premed Coursework, but she realized that singing was her calling. Kamaria earned a Bachelor of Arts degree in Fine Arts and Music Performance and pursued a career as a singer. Kamaria has been featured at various functions in the Washington, DC area, her current home. Her solo debut, Sequences in Life, is an eclectic trip into relationships: the highs - Admiration of an Ebony Man; the lows - Cold-Hearted Blues, and then everything in between. Most have yearned for Mr. or Ms. Right, found someone who they truly believed was the one, only to discover theyre not. They have to deal with the various tidal waves of emotions, vacillating through the realms of happiness and sadness, anger and depression. Women and men will be able to relate to the Sequences depicted by Kamaria. In doing so, they will hopefully gain strength of self.  

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Website: www.kamariasauda.com

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