Lucid dreaM

Lucid dreaM

Lucid dreaM

Industrial, Ambient, Psychedelic
From: Lodz, Poland

Band Members

  • Sun derr Vesen - vocals, lyrics, samples, other
  • Jaakko Krieger - Keyboards, guitars, other

About Band

More at We strongly believe that music is not a unified language. It is a figurative state of mind. We consider an act of musical creation as a momentary stream of mental aberration, therefore we state the following:

1. Only pure improvisation can provide satisfying results.
2. Every time you follow the scheme, no matter how personal, it is not music; it is a calculation and takes the soul away from the artistry.
3. Ambient sounds, if recorded accidentally, should not be deleted.
4. Genre compositions are not acceptable.
5. Standard musical notification is not acceptable.
6. Any form of notification is not welcome.
7. Because music is a state of mind, technical improvement is not crucial. Artists ought to work as artists especially from their inner selves trying to transform their ideas into a piece of art, even though it may be contrary to peoples perceptions of reality, and then the piece becomes a piece of art.
Every way to achieve this goal is adequate, that's why we support:
-and every kind of abuse

We consider pure music as ultimate silence. It's full and empty at the same time, it means nothing and everything, it is a dream. Silence, as already discovered, does not exist. Therefore music manifests itself through every known sound, trying to come as close as possible to the fulfilment of the artist.

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