the lil stunnaz

the lil stunnaz

the lil stunnaz

Hip-Hop, Rap, R&B
From: dayton, OH, United States

Band Members

  • JAY-ROC - 2 cool for skool
  • LIL-ROC - The party starter

About Band

From little kids to young men the lil stunnaz were friends living in the same neighborhood and also living hard life's some what similar to each others that's one reason why they link the lil stunnaz jay-roc and lil-roc have been trying to make it out of the hood as they say since the the group started back when t-lo was out of custodiae Witch was about 2 years ago the young rappers/producers/songwriters have been working really hard in the studio on songs and also performing in Atlanta GA, Cleveland OH, Dayton OH,and a lot more places all over the USA the teens in the lil stunnaz home town Dayton Ohio have always been fans of the lil stunnaz in Aug the lil stunnaz shot there first music video to there new single spin around the teens love the song all over the USA most of the songs they make show love to the young women and party people as well at 17 years old making beats as they say on a professional level also writing there own songs is amazing jay-roc Jordan freeman and lil-roc Trevor Robertson look up to rappers such as pac, jay-z, JD, lil jon,ying yang twins and 50 cent coming from Dayton Ohio the mid west you will get a lots of all rap styles the lil stunnaz have worked with producers such as p-nut who's worked with singer Jill Scott and others and there feedback about the lil stunnaz from the producers was good the producers say there really talented and down to earth people in the lil stunnaz hometown show support to the lil stunnaz everytime they have a concert the little teen girls love the look the lil stunnaz have the lil stunnaz say there image express them a lot with the airbrush cartoons and the jump suits the music goes with the look

some people say the lil stunnaz are going to bring real music back and the are going to be one of the biggest duo groups in the world I cant wait to see them get a record deal so they can show off there unique talent once the lil stunnaz get in the door to the music business

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